Chelsea Jackson

Nursing Student - McMaster University

Hamilton Ontario

Before my first Reiki session I had been feeling very stressed and wound up, and often felt as if I weren’t in control of my own emotions, which definitely led me to be interested in trying Reiki. During the session Kristen did amazing making me feel relaxed and comfortable, and was able to remove some blockages I had. The next couple of weeks after the session it was noticeable that I was more relaxed and it seemed as if the daily inconveniences that used to wind me up no longer bothered me - it now feels like I have full control of my emotions and how much I let my environment affect me and it’s amazing! I believe Reiki has allowed me to become more in tune with my emotions and inner peace, and has brought me a great deal of relief. I would definitely recommend anyone who’s feeling out of sync with their bodies or overwhelmed to give it a try, because I believe the results are incredible and the session itself is so relaxing! 

- Chelsea J

Sarah Thompson 


Cambridge Ontario Canada

I was pretty nervous to begin my first reiki session. Although I had done a lot of research, I know everyone’s practice can be a little different. I’d like to start by saying that Kristen’s calm nature really helped keep me relaxed and comfortable. She made to go over everything before we began.

Kristen’s reiki seasons are like nothing I’ve ever researched. Combining intuition and her reiki practice really gives her that edge. I find myself being intuitive, but her reiki session brought me to a new level. I was able to connect with my deceased father, to help heal my grieving wounds.

I will definitely be back to see Kristen again! 

- Sarah T

Jamie Eagleton

Reiki Master

Waterloo Ontario Canada

Kristen used her intuitive abilities as well as Reiki healing to help resolve an issue that has held power over me since childhood. She always knows what needs to be worked on and does so in a peaceful way. 

Kristen is a powerful healer and has helped me on so many levels. Thank you Kristen!

- Jamie E

Jessica Ritzmann

Personal Trainer at Movati Athletic Waterloo

Waterloo Ontario Canada

Kristen was very informative, kind & respectful, and I was able to fully relax during the session. She was able to tell me about the blockages in my chakras and where she thinks they are coming from.  It was very eye-opening and even freeing in some ways! 

-Jessica R

Elena Kirsa

Fitness Coach - Movati Athletic 

Waterloo, Ontario

Thank you Kristen for creating a healing environment where I was able to fully trust you. After my Reiki session, I felt relief instantly. I felt lighter and grateful and my healing continued for weeks after. During my session, Kristen focused on releasing emotional blockages in my heart chakra, and in the days after, I was able to see a positive shift in my relationship with my husband. With that being said, the session really started my transformation process and supported my healing.

- Elena K

Nicole Trask

Server & Holistic Health Coach

Kitchener, Ontario

Kristen changed my life in ways I never knew were possible!  In one session, she removed negative beliefs I had told myself, that were holding me back from being my highest self.  Since working with her, I can truthfully say I am happier and on the path to a better me. I am so thankful I met her and wish everyone were able to experience her powerful and beautiful gifts she has to offer.  She is now and always will be a huge part of my life story because of the robust impact she has made in my life. Thank you, Kristen!

-Nikki T

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