About Kristen

I empower others to uncover the Love that they are, by helping them feel true peace underneath their suffering, so they can experience life the way they were meant to; filled with Joy, Peace & Love!

- Kristen xo

My Story

I am a Transformation Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master, Meditation, Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer & Personal Development Junkie. My work has grown out of a lifelong passion for personal and spiritual growth and discovering the true meaning of optimal wellness.

I learned early on in my life that optimal health goes much deeper than physical health. While it is very important to maintain a body free of disease by eating right and exercising, as well as living in a healthy environment for the body to thrive, it is paramount that we address underlying emotional blockages and mental health issues to remove the root causes of our illness, so the illness never comes back.

Like many of us, I have gone through physical and mental health struggles in my past. At 20 years old, I was an abusive alcoholic, contemplating suicide. I would frequently become triggered by outside circumstances, and lash out at the people I loved. I blamed everything outside of me for my "awful" life. Since my heart was so closed down from past trauma and the fact that I hated the person I was, I had no deep social connections. I was miserable and desperately wanted change. So I began my own research and searched for answers.

Once I started investigating what it means to truly thrive and understood a few core concepts, I was able to change the things I had physical control over like my fitness, nutrition, and sleep routines. Though I felt better physically, I still wasn’t mentally stable. The healing wasn’t deep enough.

When I took it a step further and started meditating every day, and healed my mental and emotional body by releasing limiting beliefs, old emotions and traumas that were still in my body and subconscious mind, and fostering an optimistic and grateful attitude, the things I didn't have control over, like my fight or flight reactions to stress, changed for the better as well.

Back then, I never knew how much happiness and peace I was able to feel on a daily basis. Almost a decade later, I can say that I am deeply grateful for my life, and the true love I now share with my partner, friends, family, and myself.

It is my absolute pleasure and privilege to pass this accrued wisdom to you as your Transformation Coach. This is the outcome of my life's work and I am deeply humbled and filled with gratitude to pass it on to you, with the desire that it might help you increase your health, peace, and happiness as well, as it did for me. The more of us that can come into optimal wellness and joy, the more harmonious and joyous the world will become. I truly believe that every human on earth is able to fully heal and can achieve a peaceful, joyous, and centered life. This is the motivation behind my work.

In Peace & Love,

Kristen xo



Reiki Healing - Master Level

Inner Child & Intuitive Healing

Meditation & Mindfulness Coaching

Spiritual Awakening Mentoring

Jamie Eagleton

Reiki Master

Waterloo Ontario Canada

Kristen used her intuitive abilities as well as Reiki healing to help resolve an issue that has held power over me since childhood. She always knows what needs to be worked on and does so in a peaceful way. 

Kristen is a powerful healer and has helped me on so many levels.

Thank you Kristen! - Jamie E

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