Are You...

- Living in a state of perpetual stress & tension without relief?

- Wishing your stress would stop, even just for a day?

- Tired of feeling stuck in your life, & yearn to move forward into freedom & happiness?

- Struggling from years of sickness, pain, &/or unhappiness?

- Yearning for the correct self-care/lifestyle protocol for your body so you can feel your best every day?

Let's transform your life together! 

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Emotional pain is the main cause of

physical pain & physical disease

- Eckhart Tolle

Kristen MacLennan

Reiki Master & Spiritual Teacher



Do you wish to wake up feeling your best every day?

To relieve the years of stress & tension from your body?

To live with more mental & emotional wellness?

To live a life filled with peace & joy every day?

Work with me through Reiki Healing & Meditation & Mindfulness training to induce the deepest state of peace and relaxation you've ever experienced, & to reset your adrenals & nervous system, so you can walk through life with more peace & ease.

Or through 1-1 Transformation Coaching, we'll dive deep into your 6 aspects of wellness (emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, social, and occupational) to release the subconscious blocks that are preventing you from feeling your best & living your best life. We'll discover together the subtle changes you can make today, to bring your life back into alignment with the life of your dreams, so that you can be the best parent or partner you can be.

Are you ready to finally be happy and at peace?

Reiki Healing

• Induces a very deep state of relaxation, helping people cope with anxiety, depression, grief, and difficulty sleeping

• Provides an overall sense of well-being, inner peace, and relaxation to balance the mind, body & spirit

• Enhances the body's natural healing ability by increasing the flow of life-force energy and removing blocks similar to acupuncture or acupressure

• Promotes mental and emotional healing to reduce stress, reduce emotional reactions, and fight or flight responses

• Can assist with processing past emotional pain & trauma, emotional blockages, & mental triggers that have been stored in your body to finally move forward in life

Reiki Treatment
Transformation Coaching

Adjust all aspects of wellness to improve your quality of life:

 Physical - improve fitness, nutrition, sleep, intimacy

 Emotional - balance emotions & find inner peace

 Mental - broaden perspective & increase awareness

 Spiritual - reconnect to inner wisdom & soul mission

 Social - strengthen healthy relationships

 Occupational - release limiting beliefs that block the flow        of abundance & discover your life's purpose

To feel balanced, vibrant, & live your best life

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Work with me & start living the life you've always dreamed of.

It won't be easy and results may not be immediate, it will take effort & commitment, 

but I promise, it will definitely be worth it. Are you Ready?

- Kristen xo


Chelsea Jackson

Nursing Student - McMaster University

Hamilton Ontario

Before my first Reiki session I had been feeling very stressed and wound up, and often felt as if I weren’t in control of my own emotions, which definitely led me to be interested in trying Reiki. During the session Kristen did amazing making me feel relaxed and comfortable, and was able to remove some blockages I had. The next couple of weeks after the session it was noticeable that I was more relaxed and it seemed as if the daily inconveniences that used to wind me up no longer bothered me - it now feels like I have full control of my emotions and how much I let my environment affect me and it’s amazing! I believe Reiki has allowed me to become more in tune with my emotions and inner peace, and has brought me a great deal of relief. I would definitely recommend anyone who’s feeling out of sync with their bodies or overwhelmed to give it a try, because I believe the results are incredible and the session itself is so relaxing! 

- Chelsea J